Board Members

Shaun Pedro Arroyo
Shaun Pedro ArroyoChair
The Chair presides over the meetings of the Board of Directors, works with the Secretary regarding the handling of correspondence and outreach and education efforts. The Chair is the Director primarily responsible for the completion and filing of all corporate documents.
Fredrikka Maxwell
Fredrikka MaxwellVice Chair
Zackery Zoker
Zackery ZokerTreasurer
Vickie Davis
Vickie DavisMembership
The Membership Director receives and responds to all new inquiries for information, maintains accurate lists of paid members, works with Treasurer on monitoring paid memberships.
Lauren Burke
Lauren BurkeWebmaster
The Website Director shall be responsible for the design, maintenance, and daily operation of the official Tennessee Vals website. The Website Director shall work with the Vice Chair and the Secretary to ensure that advertisements are appropriately included on the website, and to assist with Internet-based outreach and education efforts.
Gwen Garbe
Gwen GarbeMember at Large
KarieMember at Large